I was recently published in a major railroad magazine about law enforcement and trespassing on railroad property. In that letter to the editor I emphasize supporting law enforcement and in particular local law enforcement. I also understand that local uniformed law enforcement is strapped thin and has to do more with less. Realizing that local law enforcement is the key to persistent rail trespass abatement, combined with the fact that uniformed law enforcement officers are strapped thin, two county sheriff’s departments embraced and developed a trained force multiplier to deal with railroad trespass. These sheriff departments (Washoe and Storey counties) have teams specifically to provide trained eyes and ears on the tracks for their department. These groups receive 8 hours of initial classroom and thereafter monthly training on rail public safety and security to include how to accurately provide time-critical reporting of rail trespass to not only the Sheriff’s dispatcher, but to the railroad as well. To date, and realizing the numbers are small but a data point, the trespass incidents in one of these counties has dropped 66 percent.