Innovative Solutions

Innovation: Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)/Drone Integration:

Helping railroads and communities find the right autonomous solutions. We don’t sell Unmanned Systems, we help you with determining the best autonomous system and associated architecture to meet your business or community needs. Here is how we recommend you proceed: 

Innovation: Protect the miles of unprotected rail infrastructure

We understand that railroad special agents are few, far between and stretched thin. This is where Hot Rail® comes in and works with local community leaders and law enforcement to implement a TRAINED force multiplier that understands the unique rail environment to provide extra eyes and ears as required by railroad law enforcement. We believe this program works and so does the FBI: “Mr. Comey also said it’s “highly unlikely” that a federal agent will be the first to hear about suspicious behavior: “It’s going to be a deputy sheriff,” he said. “It’s going to be a police officer who knows that neighborhood.” The Rail Awareness Patrol Techniques and Reporting (RAPTR©) program answers this need.

Innovation: Intelligence Preparation of the Rail Environment (IPRE™)

Railroad and community decision makers need to determine the best course of action to deal with trespassing or theft on railroad property.  IPRE™ provides a recommended solution based upon a detailed intelligence study of the area.


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