You can help save a life…. We need your help with creating a slogan and/or message that will be displayed along various rail road systems through out Nevada.

The goal is to prevent Suicides via train and to give immediate sense of a caring and compassionate community.

Signage is used primarily for two purposes—to warn of trespassing dangers or to provide
information on help with depression or suicidal ideation. Such signs are already being used by
agencies across the country (Gabree, Scott H. et al. 2019; King and Frost 2005; Lobb et al. 2001;
Silla and Luoma 2011). Examples of verbiage currently used (listed in alphabetical order by
carrier) include:

● “Suicide is not the route” (BART, Long Island Railroad)
● “There is help” (Caltrain)
● “Speak Up, Save a Life. Suicide is Preventable. Most people who experience suicidal
thoughts are in a temporary serious crisis. Suicide can be prevented with your help. It’s
up to us.” (Caltrain)
● “If you or someone you know needs someone to listen, Samaritans is there.” (MBTA)
● “If you need to talk, we’re here to listen. Let us help” (Metra)
● “Need help? Feeling hopeless? Call the suicide prevention hotline at 877-727-4747”
● “Suicide is NOT the answer.” (New Jersey Transit)
● “You talk, we listen. Together we survive.” (WMATA)

Do you have ideas you would like to share? Please comment below.

Some agencies have also partnered with local and national suicide helplines on signage
campaigns to help prevent trespassing and suicide. Information reported by the San Francisco
Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) revealed that partnering with the National Suicide Prevention
Lifeline on a signage campaign resulted in the helpline receiving 20 to 50 calls per year since the
campaign began (Gabree, et al. 2019). Correlational patterns revealing suicide reductions were
also documented at other properties (Gabree et al. 2019).Source.

You are free to use the custom art to help raise awareness.